Jane Birkin victim of a stroke, Etienne Daho gives his news


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In late summer 2021, Jane Birkin suffered from a mild form of stroke. Invited on RTL, Étienne Daho wanted to give news of his friend.

Let Jane Birkin fans rest assured, the singer is getting better At the end of summer 2021, the 74-year-old suffered a “mild form of stroke“, his family had informed Agence France Presse in early September.”Jane is fine“, had all the same specified his relatives.

Invited to the microphone of RTL, this Thursday, October 28, Étienne Daho gave news of his friend. “She’s fine, she’s someone with a lot of willpower, inner strength“, he explained. Étienne Daho did not hide his desire to hit the road again for tours alongside Jane Birkin, as musical director.”He is someone who has a lot of energy. She’s exceptional, really. She’s doing a lot better, she’s someone who’s in the action no matter what, she’s on her feet! We really hope to be on stage at the start of the year“, added the artist.

Jane Birkin’s latest record composed by Étienne Daho

During the interview, the singer confided his hope to release a new album soon. “There is already music that comes much more easily than texts. It begins well. Truly. I don’t know what his identity will be yet, but I will do everything to ensure that it comes out in 2022“, he said.

He is also the one who co-produced and composed Jane Birkin’s latest record, entitled Oh ! Sorry you were sleeping … He sings a duet on two of the songs. The actress and singer had herself confessed to RTL that without Étienne Daho she “wouldn’t have made this record.

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