Jane Birkin: why she didn’t want other children with Serge Gainsbourg

Jane Birkin had three daughters from three different fathers: Kate Barry, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon. In an interview with Sunday Newspaper, in the January 2 edition, she explained why she did not want other children with each of them, including Serge Gainsbourg.

Never two without three. Jane Birkin had three daughters, from three different fathers : Kate, born of her relationship with John Barry, Charlotte, fruit of her love with Serge Gainsbourg, and Lou, daughter of Jacques Doillon. Would she have liked to have a boy? “Yes, every time”, said the 75-year-old singer in an interview with Sunday Newspaper, in the January 2 edition. And to add: “I was with gentlemen who had already had daughters. So I thought they would dream of having ‘little them’. I was wrong but I had planned the names.” However, Jane Birkin only had one child with each of her companions. Why ? “Because it wouldn’t have been fair to the first one, Kate.”

The reason why Jane Birkin did not want a second child with Serge Gainsbourg

“With his father, John Barry, the question did not arise since we quickly separated”, explained Jane Birkin, adding: “Next, with Serge then with Jacques Doillon, I didn’t want the number to make a difference with Kate. Likewise, I did not want to impart religious instruction to them. Much to the chagrin of my mother, who was very excited at Lou’s birth, because Jacques was a Protestant. “ The only difference she made between her three daughters: Charlotte Gainsbourg has a middle name, Lucy, while her sisters Kate Barry and Lou Douillon do not.

“Actually, I wanted to call you Lucy, but Serge thought it didn’t sound good in French. He preferred Charlotte. He won but I imposed Lucy behind”, Jane Birkin told Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg, also present during the interview at JDD. I hated this first name for a long time …, confided the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg. Jane Birkin continued: “For Kate, her father wanted something very Irish: Shevonne, like her first daughter Sian. I imposed Kate. Kate, it was so categorical that another name would have damaged her. For Lou, we don’t. Didn’t think of a middle name either. And we planned to call him Lou too if it had been a boy. “

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