Jane Fonda: 83-year-old Hollywood icon vaccinated against Corona

Jane Fonda
83-year-old Hollywood icon vaccinated against Corona

Jane Fonda is among the celebrities who have already been vaccinated.

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Actress Jane Fonda got vaccinated against the coronavirus. The 83-year-old shared a photo of the special moment via Instagram.

Jane Fonda is very happy: The 83-year-old Hollywood legend has received the vaccination against the corona virus. The two-time Oscar winner ("Klute" and "Coming Home") shared the pleasant moment on Sunday (January 31) via Instagram. "I was vaccinated today! Yay!", Fonda writes about a picture she shows with a face mask, sunglasses and thumbs up. It "didn't hurt at all," she confirms.

Her fans are happy that Jane Fonda is leading by example. "When Jane does it, I also feel safe," writes one user in the comments. "You are a great role model. Thank you for using your platform," another. Fonda, who has also been a social justice and environmental activist for years, isn't the first celebrity to share her vaccination with the public to encourage others.

These celebrities have also received their vaccinations

US singer Tony Bennett (94) announced in mid-January that he had received his vaccination and is fine. "Terminator" star Arnold Schwarzenegger (73) also received his vaccination and shared a video of the experience via Twitter. "Today was a good day," wrote the ex-governor of California. Sir Anthony Hopkins (83) was also vaccinated through the car window in Los Angeles and described the moment as "the light at the end of the tunnel".