Janine Pink: That's what she advises the "Celebrity Big Brother" candidates

Shortly before the start of the new "Celebrity Big Brother" season, last year's winner Janine Pink has a few tips for the new candidates.

On Friday "Promi Big Brother" (from August 7th at 8:15 p.m., daily live on Sat.1 and on Joyn) starts a new season. 16 more or less prominent candidates can be locked up for three weeks instead of two for the first time. Last year's winner Janine Pink (33) would like to be there again. "It's just a cool format," enthuses the former "Köln 50667" star in an interview with the news agency spot on news. The actress has no regrets, even if her "PBB" love Tobias "Tobi" Wegener (27) was "the wrong person" in retrospect.

The 33-year-old is accompanying the new season this year together with Jenny Elvers (48) and Anouschka Renzi (56) as an expert on "SAT.1 breakfast television" (Monday to Friday, from 5:30 am live on Sat.1 and on Joyn). In their opinion, this is what it takes to win "Celebrity Big Brother".

How do you look back on your time at the "Celebrity Big Brother" house?

Janine Pink: It was an incredibly intense and exciting time. Right now, when the new season starts, I'm tingling again. I would love to experience that again. You take part in a real emotional rollercoaster. Whenever I'm at the TV studios, I also stop by our old house. I had already said back then that I wanted to stay in it and that they should extend the format.

Sounds like you would like to take part again?

Pink: Absolutely! That would be a dream. It's just a cool format. You don't move in with anything but yourself. And then it goes off. I had a great time and will remember it for my life.

How do you think you win the show?

Pink: The show is won by whoever is the most authentic, honest, and funniest. Boring, blasphemy sisters or barons of lies have no chance. You can't say in advance who it will be this season. Let's be honest: who would have guessed me last year? Not even me …

Are you still in contact with your colleagues at the time? Who did you get along with best?

Pink: Yes, I'm still in contact with Joey (Heindle, editor's note). Just last week I went to the sushi man's with him and his girlfriend. We write more often and when we have the opportunity we meet. I don't have that much to do with the others now. Of course, I got on best with Tobi. But you know how it ended.

What did you find particularly difficult in the house?

Pink: Not much, actually. I am not one who misses her cell phone or social media mega. That was easy for me. I don't have any children yet, so no problem. The showering was also casual. Maybe I was missing cola and chocolate in the poor area. But that's about it. Nothing was particularly difficult for me.

Did you find the constant surveillance by the cameras stressful?

Pink: In the beginning, you think: Oops! But after a day or two it was gone. I am also always myself and I do not pretend. So I wasn't worried that the cameras would show something that I am not. I am not much embarrassed either.

Do you still regret something in the house, for example getting closer to Tobias Wegener?

Pink: No, it was what it was. I am a person who lives in the moment. And I rarely regret anything. In retrospect, he was sure to be the wrong person. But at that moment it felt right.

You are there this year as a "PBB" expert. How are you going to approach this?

Pink: I'm sure I have the relevant experience, after all I've been in the house for the longest time last year. I'm relaxed there, I get clear information and don't miss a second. But I just say what is and what I think.

How do you rate the new candidates?

Pink: A colorful bunch, where you probably don't know every face. But such a format always thrives on dynamism. You have to see what's going on. Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis and all Hollywood stars could be in there and it won't be as good as it would be with others. The character is exciting, not the celebrity status.

What tips do you have for the new candidates?

Pink: You don't have to worry too much and just start lively. If you come up with a tactic, it is difficult. Something like that rarely works. The viewer is very intelligent and empathetic with something like that. He checks if someone is fake. You could see that in the last season with Chris Manazidis or Zlatko.

You were also a candidate for "Celebrities Under Palms". Which show could you imagine participating in, maybe in the RTL jungle camp?

Pink: The jungle is not for me. I'm out of there. But what about singing or dancing would be nice.

Will you be acting again too?

Pink: Sure, I can imagine that. I already had offers in that regard. But we didn't get together. "Cologne 50667" was a great time, but something like that is not at the top of the list for me, for example.