Janosch Dahmen in the “early start”: “Fourth wave will reach Germany”

Janosch Dahmen in the “early start”
“Fourth wave will reach Germany”

Green health expert Dahmen accuses the federal government of failings in the corona policy. “The federal government has failed to use more indicators for a realistic and always up-to-date assessment of the situation.”

The green health politician Janosch Dahmen has warned of the spread of the delta variant of the corona virus. “The fourth wave will reach Germany at some point and the delta variant will become dominant,” he said in the “early start” on ntv. “The only question is how strong, when and at what price the fourth wave will come to Germany.”

Dahmen pointed out that the fourth wave could be cushioned with more fully vaccinated people: “It is up to us when the number of cases increases again. If we can still fully vaccinate many people in the next eight or twelve weeks, then we will be well protected, “said the Green politician. “If we are careless and have a carefree summer now, the price will be high.”

When asked whether the incidence value is still the right yardstick for increasing infections, Dahmen says: “The federal government has failed to use more indicators to assess the situation realistically and at all times. For example, it would be more important that we look at how many People being treated in a hospital. “

With a view to schools and daycare centers, Dahmen emphasized that quick solutions were needed before it was too late. “We absolutely have to prevent the victims of this pandemic from being families, children and adolescents, of all people. They have already borne the greatest burden in the pandemic.” When asked specifically about schools, Dahmen says: “We have to take precautions in the summer and, among other things, prepare ventilation concepts across the board.” In addition, he called for quick tests to be carried out better for school facilities and an expansion of digitization. That everything should not be pushed onto the federal states, but the federal government must quickly convene a summit and not wait until after the summer.

Dahmen criticizes the fact that, despite the Delta variant, it is still possible to visit stadiums at the European Football Championship: “I cannot understand at all how Europe and the federal government can be fooled by UEFA.” The Green politician accused the organizers of putting money above people’s lives. “We have had tough weeks all over Europe, in which people have achieved low case numbers through solidarity. We cannot allow all of this to be ruined for the big bucks.”