Japan Woman abandons her baby because the sperm donor lied about her origins

In Japan, a young mother decided to abandon her baby, conceived thanks to a sperm donor, after learning the true origin of the latter, tells Vice magazine. who spotted the story via Japanese outlet Tokyo Shimbun.

According to Japanese journalists, the 30-year-old gave her child up for adoption at birth after the discovery of the Chinese origin of the donor, who nevertheless claimed to be Japanese.

The Tokyoite, married, is already the mother of a child born of this union. But the couple feared that the husband’s hereditary disease could be passed on to their second child.

They had therefore found a donor in their twenties via an announcement on social networks in 2019. After a dozen sexual relations, the Japanese woman finally became pregnant in June.

The use of artificial insemination is very limited in Japan and only one sperm bank exists in the country. Most couples turn to donors found on the Internet and go through a natural route.

The donor also lied about his diploma and his marriage

But it was after several months of pregnancy that the lie was revealed, when it was too late to have an abortion. The man had also lied about his Kyoto University degree and said he was single, even though he was married.

The couple filed suit against the donor and seek two million dollars in damages for fraud and emotional distress. According to the couple’s lawyer, her client suffers from sleep disturbances and has been physically and emotionally traumatized by the case.

His decision to abandon this child shocked the country, but a child protection official in Japan nevertheless insisted on telling Vice: “It is unacceptable to treat a child like an object. However, it seems to me preferable to entrust this child to someone who will be a much better parent for him”.

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