Japanese Cheesecake: This recipe only takes 3 ingredients

Lightning Cheesecake
This delicacy only needs 3 ingredients

Cheesecake that only needs three ingredients: It couldn’t be easier!


Cheesecake tastes amazing and is not complicated at all – here you can see how you can easily bake it yourself with just three ingredients.

Cheesecake may taste good, but somehow it is a bit off-putting to less experienced hobby bakers. In fact, the delicacy is very easy to prepare. This recipe only requires three ingredients and is so light that in the video it can even be baked by a child.

This is how it works: Cheesecake with three ingredients:

What is particularly practical about this recipe is that it is very likely that you will already have the necessary ingredients at home. In other words: Whenever you get hungry for cheesecake: From now on you can easily bake it yourself at any time.

Source: RTL


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