Jasmin Herren: “I would also like to know how his last days went”

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“I would also like to know how his last days went”

Jasmin and Willi Herren were married from 2018 until his death in April 2021.

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Jasmin Herren is still very sorry for her husband, Willi Herren. How much his death affects her, she has now told in an interview.

Willi Herrens (1975-2021) widow, Jasmin Herren (42), is still very troubled by the death of her husband. “I often go to bed and cry because I miss my husband,” she reveals in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. The grief has apparently hit her on the stomach: “I’ve lost 15 kilos since Willis death,” she says and adds: “My husband always enjoyed eating and I with him. Now I have to force myself.”

They wanted to give their love another chance

Jasmin and Willi Herren had been married since 2018. In March 2021, they announced their separation. But according to his widow, the signs were pointing to reconciliation again: “We wanted to try again”, she remembers the conversations shortly before his surprising death. “We planned to go on vacation together, to find each other again there and to discuss our future,” said Jasmin Herren. It didn’t come to that anymore.

Willi Herren was found dead on April 20 in his Cologne apartment. At the beginning of May he was buried in the Melaten cemetery in Cologne. Today, Thursday (June 17th) he would have been 46 years old.