Jasmin Minz: She returns to “Everything that counts”.

Jasmine Mint
She returns to “All That Matters”.

New look: Actress Jasmin Minz is back in “Everything that counts”.

© RTL Photo/Julia Feldhagen

Jasmin Minz is playing again in “Everything that counts”. After the birth of her son, the actress returns from the baby break.

Jasmin Minz (29) will return to “Everything That Counts” very soon. From March 22, Minz will once again play Kim Steinkamp in the popular RTL Daily. The actress said goodbye to the baby break about a year ago. On May 4 last year, she and her husband Paul welcomed a healthy son into their family. For Minz it is the first child. Before her pregnancy, she had suffered a miscarriage.

Jasmin Minz with first single “Mutterglück”

The 29-year-old processed this experience in her new song “Mutterglück”. It is the actress’ first single. “I want to share my story to let other women and couples know they’re not alone. And who knows what conversations this song can spark,” Minz explains, according to a press release. “Mother’s Happiness” will be released on March 23.

The character Kim Steinkamp, ​​meanwhile, will return to “Everything that counts” and her series family consisting of husband Ben (Jörg Rohde) and son Nils after a stay abroad in Sweden. Actress Minz will then surprise her fans with a new look. “I now have very short hair with a purple touch and I think it’s really cool,” she reveals before returning from maternity leave.


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