Jasmin Wagner: "Blümchen" learned that from Britney Spears

In the 90s, singer Jasmin Wagner, aka "Blümchen", was THE German teen pop star. She talks to professional chef Kevin von Holt about the dark side of being a student and a pop star at the same time.

She learned a lot through her acquaintance with Britney Spears: "When Britney had this crisis, it naturally affected me very much," says singer Jasmin Wagner in the cooking program "I cook something that you don't see".

Britney and Blümchen: That was what connected the singers back then

Although the two women were of a similar age at the time, met more often and followed the same career path, Jasmin Wagner managed to leave the teen star image behind without scandals. As she cooked a pumpkin risotto, she told professional chef Kevin von Holt how she did this.