Jazz Jennings: LGBTIQ + activist shows her “battle wounds”

Jazz Jennings
LGBTIQ + activist shows her “battle wounds”

Jazz Jennings

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Reality TV actress and trans woman Jazz Jennings wows her Instagram followers with pictures of her body after her gender reassignment surgery.

Jazz Jennings is proud of these scars: “I call them my battle wounds, because they show the strength and perseverance it took to finally complete my transformation.” She writes that herself under two pictures on Instagram that show the reality TV actress and fighter for the LGBTIQ + community in a swimsuit. The scars she talks about and which she doesn’t want to hide for good reason come from her gender reassignment surgery in 2018, which finally made her externally the woman she has always been inside.

Jazz Jennings shows her “battle wounds”

“I am proud of my scars and love my body just as it is,” she also writes. She receives a lot of praise and recognition from her fans and followers for her pictures. “Queen, you are definitely an inspiration for everyone in the transgender community” is just one example of the numerous positive comments below her recordings.

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Your Instagram followers share their own experiences

But some of her followers also write about how lucky she would be to enjoy so much support from her family. Because that still doesn’t seem to be the case everywhere. Jenning’s family – as evidenced by a look at the Instagram profiles of her mother, father and siblings – has apparently always encouraged her in her plan. Jazz Jennings wrote under a photo of her with her parents, her two brothers and her sister: “Family is the most important aspect of my life. There is no system of support that compares to my family and what they mean to me They are my protectors, my best friends, and most of all my saviors. Just by loving me unconditionally, I have been able to thrive into the real me. “

Not all community members get that much support

Obviously not all of her followers have this experience. And so one of them comments: “I wasn’t that lucky. My mother never supported me. She was very critical. To the point that she made fun of me and my sexuality. My mother passed away and I did will miss her forever. The bad things she said will haunt me forever. ” But Jennings Post, apart from a few haters that will probably always appear on social networks, gives many people courage above all. “Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are a brave, strong and beautiful woman,” it says, among other things. And that’s the positive message that counts in the end.

Source used: Instagram