Jazz, Stéphanie Durant, Coralie Porrovechio … The reality TV stars lend their support to Hillary after the operation of her son Matteo

Currently at the bedside of their son, who has had heart surgery for a double heart defect, Hillary and Giovanni, seen in Moms & Famous, have received a wave of support from the reality TV world.

For ten years, Hillary shares his life on television and on social media. The young woman, whose first moments on our screens date back to the crazy era of Ch’tis, even invited the TFX cameras to his home to follow his new, more tidy life between Paris and Dubai. Featured in Moms & Famous, the reality TV candidate seems fulfilled surrounded by her fiancé Giovanni Bonamy, her son Milo and her newborn Matteo. However, the health concerns of the latter had bothered the 30-year-old mother. The baby had to undergo surgery two weeks after birth in order to “to have the frenum of the tongue cut off“. This surgery is painless and is done if a piece of skin is preventing the tongue from moving normally. But the parents let it be known that their little Matteo was unfortunately back in the hospital for a much more serious problem …

The reasons for his hospitalization

Hillary posted a disturbing photo on her Instagram page followed by 2.1 million followers. Milo’s little brother underwent a heavy heart operation on Monday, January 11, 2022. Suffering from two heart defects – a narrowing of the aorta and one less aortic valve – Matteo is currently kept in the intensive care unit of a French hospital. Yes “the operation went well“, the young woman and her companion impatiently wait for their baby to return home.

Several celebrities write to them

Following this difficult announcement, the parents, still at their son’s bedside, received a big wave of support. More than 7,200 messages were sent to them in less than 24 hours. Among them, many are the comments written by their friends from the world of reality TV: “Good recovery to him courage 🙏🏽🙏🏽“, Brand Stephanie Durant ; “We love you“, send Jazz to his girlfriend Hillary; “Courage to you and good recovery to the little baby of love 🤍❤️“, note Coralie Porrovechio ; “I’m sure everything will be okay. I will pray for his recovery 🙏🏼❤️ You are very strong, it is not at all easy“, affirms Hagda Prata. Anthony Nacca, Benjamin Samat, Camille Cerf and Rachel Legrain-Trapini were also touched by the plight of these young parents.

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