Jean Castex is preparing long-term "rules"

The government began to prepare its strategy for deconfinement, but it did not stop there. Jean Castex explains that "rules" will have to be put in place, possibly until next summer.

France is in its second confinement because of the Covid-19 epidemic, and it will be necessary "living with the virus over the long term", warns Jean Castex in an interview published by The world Saturday. "As long as we don't have a vaccine, we have to give ourselves some perspective on the rules of the game", indicates the Prime Minister. He presented his plan until the end of 2020 but also beyond, possibly until the summer of 2021.

After deconfinement and in the months to come, the French will not be able to resume their usual lifestyle for a few months. "One thing is certain: festive, family gatherings in party rooms will not be able to resume for a long time. Likewise, bars and restaurants which are also part of places of strong contamination will not be able to reopen from December 1, unlike shops toys, for example ", says the head of government. Indeed, Jean Castex indicated Thursday that containment relief measures, "strictly limited to shops", could take effect early next month with a strengthened protocol, if the downward trend in Covid-19 cases is confirmed.

Regarding professional life, remote work will continue for a while. "Teleworking will have to continue, on the basis of a balance to be found in companies to avoid all or nothing", indicates the Prime Minister.

Nearby World, Jean Castex claims to have "already secured the orders" for the Covid-19 vaccine. "The prospect of a vaccine is approaching. There is the Pfizer project, but also many others in the trial phase. You have to prepare while remaining cautious", he explains. While indicating that its "fear is that the French will not be vaccinated enough", those around him say they are reluctant to make vaccination compulsory.

Containment: non-essential businesses could soon reopen

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