Jean Castex resigned, Jean-Luc Mélenchon jokes

Emily Cabot


Jean Castex announced Monday afternoon that he had submitted his resignation to Emmanuel Macron.

The “Chinese torture” will soon end. Arriving at the Elysee Palace from Matignon on Monday around 4 p.m., Prime Minister Jean Castex immediately announced to AFP that he had resigned to Emmanuel Macron. “I have just submitted my resignation letter,” said Jean Castex after an hour-long interview. In the process, the Head of State sent him his thanks via a post on social networks. “Thank you to Jean Castex, his government and his entire team. For nearly two years, he acted with passion and commitment in the service of France. Let’s be proud of the work accomplished and the results achieved together,” he wrote with a photo of them.

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“Nobody wants the job,” says Mélenchon

While politicians and journalists are hanging on to the announcement of his successor, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who asked the French to elect him Prime Minister thanks to the legislative elections, cracked a little joke on the subject. “Great tension before the appointment of my predecessor. Will it be right-wing or right-wing? Nobody wants the job. It’s an interim mission CDD, ”he wrote on Twitter.

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