Jean-François Copé assures that he does not want to enter the government

While pleading again for the right to participate in a “government pact”, the former minister of Jacques Chirac assured Monday that he had no intention of entering the government.

Former LR Minister Jean-François Copé assured Monday that he had no intention of entering government, while again pleading for the right to participate in a “government pact”. “Today the right of government cannot simply say ‘I will continue to be absent from a government’ while the country is blocked (…) A certain number of my friends have all the qualities to do, and do it the right way,” he said on France Inter.

He said he was “all the more comfortable” to comment on the positions of the executive and his Les Républicains party as he is “not at all intending to enter the government, (…) in nothing”, and that Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne “did not call (him)”. “What interests me is to share my experience” as LR mayor of Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) and former UMP minister, he assured.

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“We will never be tougher than the far left and the far right”

He again pleaded for the right to participate in a “government pact”, “to record the choice of the French” in the legislative elections, which he distinguished from a “coalition government” “negotiated before an election” and in fact “untenable” and “unreadable for people” if he were to count in his ranks from the LR to the communists as Emmanuel Macron wishes.

He called on LR to stop thinking of itself only in opposition because “we will never be tougher than the far left and the far right”.

As for the idea of ​​voting texts “on a case-by-case basis”, it is “a demonic trap” where “nice laws such as increased purchasing power are voted by the PS and those a little nasty on retirement, state reform, security, is by the evil right”, which means that it “will start to be caricatured and caricaturable again”.

“Especially since nothing prevents, if you enter the government, from leaving it one or two years before the next presidential election. It must be able to be scripted very well in order to be able to prepare for the next one”, he added with a smile .

Jean-François Copé repeated his criticisms of Emmanuel Macron who “gives the feeling of not having completely landed, realized the gravity of the situation”.

“The only solution is to tell him ‘you have to take note that if you want to have a majority, you have to move the lines'”, and move them to the right, because “the ‘at the same time’ does not will not be able to work on this second five-year term”, insisted the former minister.

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