Jean-Jacques Bourdin accused of attempted sexual assault: a complaint has been filed against the journalist

A shock wave. According to information from Parisian revealed this Saturday, January 15, a former RMC journalist accuses Jean-Jacques Bourdin of attempted sexual assault. A complaint against him has been filed with the Paris prosecutor’s office.

For a few days, Jean-Jacques Bourdin has been at the heart of all the controversies. After Nicolas Hulot, it’s the journalist’s turn to BFM TV to be accused of attempted sexual assault on one of his colleagues on the news channel. According to information disclosed by The Parisian this Saturday, January 15, 2022, she would have filed a complaint against him at the police station in the 16th arrondissement of the capital, on Tuesday 11 January. “I’m no longer a young journalist scared of losing my job and I know I didn’t have to go through what I went through”, confided the correspondent to our colleagues from Parisian. This follows the #Metoo movement and the many women who have chosen to speak out in the columns of several media over the past few months.

The young woman accuses him of having tried to kiss her several times while the two colleagues were staying in the same hotel as part of the Petanque open in Calvi (Haute-Corse). “I always get what I want”, would then have entrusted Jean-Jacques Bourdin to him at the same time. The facts date back to 2013. According to her words, after several years of good and loyal service, she had been dismissed from the journalist’s team because of the professional conflicts which opposed them.

Dare to talk about it

The journalists of Parisian transcribed the account of the accuser of Jean-Jacques Bourdin. 25 years old at the time of the incident, this one says that she would have decided to go swimming in the hotel swimming pool of the 72-year-old man around 6 a.m. The presenter of Bourdin Direct would have joined her and would have started to compliment her while swimming beside her. From there, Anne Nivat’s husband grabbed her by the neck and tried to kiss her several times. After being rejected by his collaborator, Jean-Jacques Bourdin would have continued to send him insistent emails and SMS on his mobile phone. One of which the journalist brought as evidence to the police. “You tempt me every morning… I love your look”, is it written, according to the information relayed by The Parisian.

“Today, I am tidy, peaceful. But for years, I went to work with fear in my stomach, completely stressed. I file a complaint with the conviction that other women are concerned and that this will perhaps free up the voices of other women”, explained the journalist. Since then, the facts have been prescribed, but the Paris prosecutor’s office has decided to open an investigation. For now, the star host of BFM TV and RMC is presumed innocent in this case.

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