Jean-Jacques Bourdin accused of attempted sexual assault: Marc-Olivier Fogiel reacts

While Jean-Jacques Bourdin is accused of attempted sexual assault by a former BFMTV journalist, the continuous news channel has opened an internal investigation to clarify the facts. The journalist will however be kept on the air, as explained by Marc-Olivier Fogiel.

The affair has been causing a stir for 24 hours. This Saturday, January 15, The Parisian revealed that Jean-Jacques Bourdin was the subject of a complaint for attempted sexual assault, filed by a former journalist from BFMTV and RMC on Tuesday January 11 at the police station of the XVIth arrondissement in Paris. The 33-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, accuses the former RMC morning presenter of having tried to kiss her by force in the swimming pool of a hotel during a business trip in Corsica, in Calvi, in 2013. According to our colleagues, two other women could also come to testify in the coming days to similar facts. In shock, the 72-year-old political interviewer disputes the facts, saying: “I never tried to kiss her by force, neither her nor anyone else.”

A diligent internal investigation

However, these accusations come at a bad time since, this Tuesday, January 18, Jean-Jacques Bourdin will take the reins of a new bimonthly broadcast live on BFMTV for the presidential election of 2022. Baptized France in the eyes, the political program will confront the candidates with the French, who will be able to question them directly. So, faced with the complaint against its journalist, Altice Media was quick to react. In a press release sent this Sunday, January 16, the group that owns BFMTV and RMC claims to have learned “through the press the existence of this complaint” and having immediately spoken with Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who “vigorously disputed the facts denounced”. The audiovisual group announces however, “for the sake of transparency”, “to initiate an internal investigation to ensure that no such fact has been brought to the attention of the managers or colleagues of the persons concerned”. The press release then guarantees: “We are following any developments in this case with the greatest attention and we will take all the measures that may be necessary depending on its evolution”.

Jean-Jacques Bourdin kept on the air, Marc-Olivier Fogiel explains

If an investigation has been opened to clarify the facts, the Altice Media group has however chosen to keep Jean-Jacques Bourdin on the air as Marc-Olivier Fogiel announced this Sunday afternoon at Parisian. The boss of BFMTV first confides that he was “surprised” discovering that his journalist was the subject of a complaint for attempted sexual assault. “We were not aware of such an accusation. Since I have been at BFMTV, I have not heard anything of this order. No one has reported to me an inappropriate attitude from Jean-Jacques Bourdin”, he says. Marc-Olivier Fogiel then goes on to explain thatpending the conclusions of justice, the channel has chosen to maintain its confidence in its journalist. “We looked at things calmly and calmly. Jean-Jacques, with whom we exchanged, denies. At this point, there’s no reason for us to change things on air. We must not give in to any pressure. We are not court officers. The prosecution to analyze the complaint. On our side, we said to ourselves that the most responsible position was to initiate an internal investigation. At the time, the complainant did not mention it. We’ll see what comes out of it. We are not minimizing this accusation or giving it a disproportionate dimension. Following the #MeToo wave, HR at Altice (owner of BFM and RMC) has been faced with two cases over the past two years. But nothing about Jean-Jacques Bourdin” he says so.

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