Jean-Jacques Bourdin case: journalist and plaintiff, Fanny Agostini, breaks the silence

Tuesday January 11, 2022, Fanny Agostini filed a complaint for attempted sexual assault against Jean-Jacques Bourdin. A little over a month later, the journalist testified in a Mediapart investigation.

She wanted to lift the veil on her identity… Tuesday January 11, 2022, Fanny Agostini went to the police station of the XVIth arrondissement of Paris to file a complaint against Jean-Jacques Bourdin. Faced with the investigators, the journalist had then assured that the star of BFMTV had tried to kiss her by force in October 2013 in Calvi, in Haute-Corse. If the main interested party firmly denies the facts of which he is accused, it is in a Mediapart investigation that Fanny Agostini wished to break the silence. Referring to Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s interview with Nicolas Hulot, accused of multiple sexual assaults, in February 2018, she said: “He was super accommodating, it felt like he was sympathetic, it made me grit my teeth. I said to myself: ‘Is this normal what I experienced? Do women have to put up with this?’

Claiming to have beentaken in flu“as soon as he arrived on RMC by the famous journalist, Fanny Agostini revealed that he had been humiliated when he started out. “JJust before going on air, he ripped off my sheet, saying that there were no notes at his place. Obviously, I hadn’t learned the bulletin by heart, I was completely helpless, I started to stammer and invent temperatures. When the ad came, he shouted into the newsroom: ‘She sucks! I don’t want her in my house anymore!’ I went to cry in a small cabin”, she recalled. Despite their tense relationship, the duo found themselves at the Open de pétanque in Calvi, Corsica. After having “make peace“, Jean-Jacques Bourdin would then have behaved inappropriately. The journalist confided: “He started swimming parallel to me, while starting to pay me compliments, telling me that I had changed, that he didn’t see me like that. I was super uncomfortable, my stomach tight.

Fanny Agostini: “I was told that I had to go in her direction”

Yes the journalist speaks today, she has long been afraid of the repercussions of her accusations. While she had said nothing at the time for fear of losing her job, Fanny Agostini explained: “I had been told that it was necessary to be very respectful with Bourdin, to go in his direction, not to hurt him. He could make and break careers.“In this investigation, a journalist assured his side:”On several occasions, Jean-Jacques asked him when they were going to have dinner together, when they were going to meet after work, slipped him little papers… She might say ‘No, no, no’, he came back to the charge. It was repeated and insistent.


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2/12 –

Jean Jacques Bourdin
He would have tried to kiss her in the swimming pool of a hotel during a press trip to Calvi, in Corsica.

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3/12 –

Jean Jacques Bourdin
The facts date back to 2013.


4/12 –

Jean Jacques Bourdin
The journalist had been invited to the Calvi Open petanque competition, which was held on October 4, 2013 in Haute-Corse.


5/12 –

Fanny Agostini
The journalist testified in a Mediapart investigation.


6/12 –

Jean Jacques Bourdin
He would have taken a dislike to the young journalist as soon as he arrived at RMC.

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7/12 –

Jean Jacques Bourdin
He would have humbled Fanny Agostini when she started out.


8/12 –

Fanny Agostini
Fanny Agostini wanted to break the silence.

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9/12 –

Jean Jacques Bourdin
According to the journalist, he was very insistent.

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10/12 –

Fanny Agostini
She said: “I was super uncomfortable with a tight stomach.”


11/12 –

Fanny Agostini
She wanted to lift the veil on her identity.

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12/12 –

Fanny Agostini
If the journalist speaks today, she has long been afraid of the repercussions that her accusations could have.

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