Jean-Louis Murat: the causes of the sudden death of the singer revealed

This Thursday, May 25, we learned of the sudden disappearance of Jean-Louis Murat at the age of 71. We finally know the cause of his death. Closer tells you everything!

The music world is in mourning this week. After Tina Turner, it was the turn ofJean Louis Muratto suddenly disappear. The death of the 71-year-old singer was announced by his manager to our colleagues from France Inter. Tributes have since been pouring in on social media. “My pain is immense and my gratitude eternal”tweeted Christine and the queens, while Benjamin Biolay posted a monochrome photo of the artist accompanied by a broken heart emoji on Instagram where Carla Bruni also shared an equally moving message: “What took you to leave so early? Rest in peace”. On the side of the political sphere, Aurore Bergé, president of the Renaissance group in the Assembly, tweeted a video of the singer who takes with him “a part of Auvergne”according to the mayor of Clermont-Ferrand, Olivier Bianchi.

What did he die of? Jean Louis Murat? According to our colleagues from Parisian and France Inter, the interpreter of The fallen angel would have been victim of a pulmonary embolism following phlebitis. Le Monde specifies that the SAMU would not have intervened quickly enough to come to his aid. Jean-Louis Murat was finally carried away by a cardiovascular accident. His disappearance occurred the day before the release of a best of bringing together some of the most beautiful songs from his repertoire from 1981 to 2021. “He said : ‘Me, alive, never a best of'”, recalls The Obs. There remains the memory of an artist on edge who, like many of his illustrious colleagues and sisters, brought his letters of nobility to French song.

Jean-Louis Murat, a big-mouthed singer with a big heart

With Jean Louis Murat cult sequences from the history of music also fly away. Because beyond the song, the singer-songwriter had carved out a solid reputation as a non-consensual personality. Spectacular and blunt rants against legends of the French repertoire. “It’s the crisis, the rooms take less risk and prefer to program big idiots like Renaud or Polnareffhe had thus launched on LCI in 2016 when he learned that he had no tour date after the release of his album Morituri. In the pages of InrocksJean-Louis Murat had taken out the heavy artillery, tackling both Johnny Hallyday (“Because of him, we went for losers for fifty years”), than NLP (a group “Club level Dorothée“) than Emmanuel Macron (“a vulgar apprentice, a fake intellectual and a real villain”). His fans will still keep the image of a big-mouthed singer with a heart that big

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