Jean-Luc Lahaye case: the singer’s daughter about to be indicted?

VAre you looking for a twist in the Jean-Luc Lahaye affair? While the 68-year-old singer is currently imprisoned in the prison of Health after his indictment for suspicion of rape and sexual assault on two minors, now justice is taking a very close interest in his daughter as well as to the mothers of the plaintiffs. The three women had also been placed in police custody at the same time as the singer, at the beginning of November 2021.

The police custody of Margaux Lahaye, heard for “tampering with witnesses and complicity in the rape of a minor over 15 years old”, had however been lifted due to his state of health. Two months later, the justice would have decided to summon the 37-year-old woman, Monday, January 24, in order to notify her of her indictment for “witness subordination”, reveals The Parisian Sunday. He would be accused of having pressured one of the alleged victims to withdraw his complaint against the artist in a previous case.

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Under the influence

Jean-Luc Lahaye had asked this young girl, aged 14 at the time of the events, to indulge in sexual games via webcam. Auditioned by the police, the minor then swore that these practices had taken place on her initiative, hiding in the process her sexual relations with the artist. The latter had been sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence on May 18, 2015 for corruption of a minor.

The young girl ensures today, always according to The Parisian, that his statements to the investigators had been dictated to him at the time by Jean-Luc Lahaye and his daughter. Now 23, she decided to file a complaint against the singer after becoming aware of having suffered sexual violence. And the discovery of an e-mail by the investigators during a search at Margaux Lahaye gives credence to the complainant’s version. In this document dated 2014, the daughter of the singer tells the teenager precisely what she must tell the police who will question her in the context of the case. Margaux Lahaye recently admitted to investigators that she had contacted the complainant to help her father. But the girl assures that she would also find herself under the influence of her father, as the Ile-de-France daily explains.

The mothers of the artist’s young fans, also summoned by a judge next week, are suspected of “failure to report a crime and [de] complicity in the rape of a minor over 15 years old”.

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