Jean-Luc Lahaye: The terrible tragedy that made his daughter Margaux paraplegic

At 69, the singer Jean-Luc Lahaye drags behind him a life of ups and downs. There are of course popular hits (singer dad, woman i love…) but also legal affairs because of his pronounced penchant for very (very) young ladies. But an event also marked the life of the artist: the accident of his daughter Margaux, who became a paraplegic.

In 2019, Margaux Lahaye had a terrible fall from the 2nd floor of a Parisian apartment while she was spending the night with a friend. The singer’s manager, Olivier Kaefer, then took the floor to give some details about this accident, evoking at the time “multiple bruises and broken bones.“He added:”She has her arm in plaster, she had to undergo a hip replacement after a dislocation, a fracture of the pelvis and an elbowbut has no fractures in the face and legs“. At that time, he claimed that his condition required rehabilitation sessions. Yes, but now, two years later, through a new particularly gloomy court case, we learned that in reality Margaux’s condition was much more serious.

At 37, Margaux Lahaye – born of the love story between her father Jean-Luc and his former companion Aurélie – is paraplegic. A former model for the Metropolitan Models agency, she was arrested and taken into custody last year for “tampering with witnesses” and “complicity in rape“after the complaints of two women against Jean-Luc Lahaye for rape and sexual assault; facts which would have occurred in 2013 and 2014 when they were minors. Margaux, suspected of having put pressure on them to keep the silence – she has since been indicted – had been released before her father due to her state of health.

Jean-Luc Lahaye, who spent six months in detention before being released in May 2022, and his daughter Margaux remain presumed innocent of the charges until the final judgment of this case.

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