Jean-Marie Bigard still creates controversy: “What a bunch of enc ****. But where are we going?” : Current Woman The MAG

Openly opposed to government decisions regarding the management of the health crisis in France, Jean-Marie Bigard never hesitates to push a rant on social networks when he feels the urge. This was once again the case this Saturday, April 3, 2021. The one who tackled Corinne Masiero following her performance during the ceremony of Caesar 2021 ranted at a security guard on Twitter. While the comedian had decided to go to Cheap, a luxury department store located in the heart of Paris, for shopping, he did not appreciate at all that the guard asked him to remove his helmet.

“I’m going to Bon Marché to buy two chopped steaks for the kids and I have my helmet, and my mask so far (showing half of his face, note). And the guy said to me: ‘You have to take off your helmet sir’. But I said to him: ‘To see what? I am masked ‘. And he said to me: ‘Bah to see your face!’ I said, ‘Not to see my head, to see my hair, or my ears. But not my head, I have a mask ‘. I took off my mask and said, ‘My ears are dangerous! And watch out for the hair! ‘ What a bunch of enc ****. But where are we going? explained the one who met the Pope thanks to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Jean-Marie Bigard: a new rant far from uninamity

Unfortunately for Jean-Marie Bigard, many Internet users saw in this rant a new abuse on the part of the comedian, as was already the case when he announced his intention to sell masks. It’s a question of 1 / politeness and 2 / identification when we know that for ten years now there have been guys who come to theaters to shoot everyone … Now I understand that when you are a famous person … ” , “Bogus story. You have to get out and breathe because you’re really telling useless stuff about two-bullet polemics.”, “Well he just did his job. Can we let him work quietly?” have reacted several internet users on Twitter.

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