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He made this cause the commitment of a lifetime. Thursday January 28, 2021, Jean-Paul Gaultier was the guest of Yann Barthès in the show Daily to educate viewers about the new campaign of Sidaction. By the way, the designer shared with the viewers one of his most precious memories. And for good reason, thirty years earlier, Cristina Cordula's great friend lost the love of his life, Francis Menuge, contaminated with AIDS. For the seamstress designer, this disappearance marks the beginning of another life. Without Francis. On the set of Daily, the one who found love again just ten years ago in the arms of a mysterious boy gave himself up on the one who made his heart beat at the time. Even better, Jean-Paul Gaultier has agreed to share an unpublished photo of her ex-spouse, immortalized by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

"He died in 1990, at a time when there was no such thing …"

On this shot projected via the screens of Daily, viewers caught a glimpse of their favorite fashion designer, holding a printed photo of Francis Menuge in his hands, a few months before his death: "He died in 1990, at a time when there was not yet all that … Three months later, there was the drug that could make it last longer. He passed just before", said Jean-Paul Gaultier, moved. As he explains to Yann Barthès, prevention against AIDS was not what we know today. In the 1980s, the dangerousness of the virus was hardly understood: "Since 1982-1983, we had started to hear about it, but we did not really know how it was, how it was caught ", he clarified.

This is not the first time that Jean-Paul Gaultier confides in the subject of his ex-companion. In the columns of Paris Match, the former symbol of French haute-couture had returned to this passionate relationship that had carried him for years: "He was brilliant, creative, with a synthetic mind. He gave me the strength to do something on my own. I didn't have that ambition at all. He believed in me," he had declared. During its passage in Daily, Jean-Paul Gaultier also recalled the importance of prevention on AIDS among younger generations who are still too insensitive to this subject. "Latex is the material we prefer and which is necessary!", he concluded, on a hint of humor.

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