Jean-Pierre Bacri this evening on France 3: a moving documentary with Alain Chabat

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This Friday evening, France 3 is broadcasting “Bacri, comme un air de famille”, a moving documentary which looks back on the journey and career of the actor, who died at 69 in January 2021.


This evening, France 3 is broadcasting the documentary Bacri, like a family resemblance, which looks back on the career of actor Jean-Pierre Bacri, who died on January 18, 2021 at the age of 69. From his César with Agnès Jaoui to his adolescence in Cannes, passing through his years of hardship and his recognition by the public, his life is told by his friends, including Alain Chabat and Sam Karmann.

We learn in particular that during the filming of My best friends, a violent altercation broke out between the hero of Kitchen and addictions and the director Jean-Marie Poiré.

In this film, Jean-Pierre Bacri plays Guido, singer of the group and who has since become marketing director for a major brand of mineral water. Homosexual, we learn during the film that he has not had sex since 1983 for fear of AIDS. To compensate for this frustration, he practices the sport with assiduity.


Jean-Pierre Bacri, 1970s

As for the interpretation of his character, Bacri has a good idea of ​​what he should be and how to play him. A vision that opposes that of Jean-Marie Poiré who, according to the documentary, wanted Guizo to be played in an “exuberant, almost crazy” way. The actor, who refuses to fall into caricature, refuses and the tone rises.

Finally, the director and his actor manage to come to an agreement and the character is played like any other, embellished all the same by the power of Jean-Pierre Bacri’s acting, as evidenced by the scene, undoubtedly the one of the finest in the film, during which he observes a young man who does not hear him and confesses to him his loneliness and the physical attraction he feels for him.


Bacri in My best friends

For other anecdotes, discover Bacri, like a family resemblance this evening at 9:10 p.m. on France 3, told by Gilles Lellouche and directed by Stéphane Benhamou and Erwan Le Gac.

When Jean-Pierre Bacri spoke about the legacy of My best friends:

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