Jean-Pierre Bacri: this unlikely job he had before becoming an actor

Jean-Pierre Bacri, to whom France 3 pays tribute this Friday January 14 by broadcasting Like a family resemblance, has not always evolved in the world of cinema. Before finding his way, the late actor had a completely different job, which he had a lot of trouble supporting.

This is called a 360 degree turn. Before frequenting film sets and becoming one of the most respected actors of his generation, Jean-Pierre Bacri has tried other professions. One of them in particular marked him a lot, so much so that the actor often spoke about it in an interview, so unhappy was he in this aborted career. In 2017, on Europe 1, the famous complainer had confided with humor the reason for which he had launched into the cinema. “I’ve always been like that. I did this job, mainly at the beginning, because it allowed me to get up late. Like I had worked in a bank for a year and a half, I had promised myself never to do that again, get up at 7 a.m. and put on a suit and tie.“, he had declared.

The one who dreamed of being a teacher first had managed to get a job at Société Générale in Cannes, where he lived at the time. A daily life that very quickly suffocated him, he who never got used to the rigor and rigor required in the world of banks. “I got fed up, I decided it was inhuman“, he confided to Telerama. Died at the age of 69 on January 18th following cancer, Jean-Pierre Bacri will finally have realized his greatest dream: to become an actor and tell stories.

A modesty in the light

With Agnès Jaoui, his lifelong partner who will have allowed him to live his greatest love story, the actor has won his bet, even winning a César during his career. Despite his impressive resume, the late comedian always had a hard time watching himself on screen, he who was not particularly attracted to light. “I don’t even watch my movies anymore. On the screen we see ourselves from all sides. But above all I see a guy who doesn’t know how to play. I freak out every time. I thought I was so much more impressive, so much more moving! But where is the emotion that I had put? It’s awful!“, he had confided to Psychologies.

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