Jean-Pierre Darroussin in a relationship with Anna, 26 years younger than him: it was she who flirted with him!

Cupid sometimes reserves surprises for those he targets with his bow. Each love story has, for example, been a gift for Jean Pierre Darroussin, yet so discreet about his private life. If he refuses to reveal the number of his conquests, and to say too much about Anna, the current woman of his life, the actor assured in 2018 that he never took the first step. “They will all confirm to you that I am not a flirt”, he promised in any case to Daphne Bürki, in 2018, on the set of the show I love you etc on France 2.

Since 2009, Jean-Pierre Darroussin has been in a relationship with Anna Novion, whom he has managed to seduce despite their twenty-six-year gap… and without his knowledge! “There is a big age difference between us, so me I didn’t imagine it was possible“explained the 68-year-old actor. No matter the months that separate them, the lovers have not left each other for more than twelve years. they do not hesitate, despite everything, to call themselves, with great affection, “my woman” and “my husband“. All this is therefore only a stupid question of papers…

Who is Anna Novion, the companion of Jean-Pierre Darroussin?

It is the passion for the seventh art, no doubt, which brought these two together. Anna Novion is not an actress, like her life partner, but a director and screenwriter. The Franco-Swedish filmmaker, originally from Paris, is notably behind the films The big people and See you in Kiruna in which her darling plays – one was selected during the Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival, the other was voted best film at the Cairo Film Festival. Before meeting her, Jean-Pierre Darroussin had been married to Geneviève Adrey, with whom he had two daughters, Marie and Juliette. He recently became a father again, in 2014, since his son Vincent joined the family…

Find Jean-Pierre Darroussin in the series “Such a long night”, on January 20, 2022 on TF1.

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