Jean-Pierre Pernaut: Nathalie Marquay attacked on her departure from the 1 p.m. newspaper: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

On December 18, 2020, Jean-Pierre Pernaut bid farewell to the 1 p.m. news TF1, after 33 years of good and loyal service. A departure that moved its most loyal viewers who can now find him at the controls of his show Jean-Pierre and you sure LCI and his JPP TV, a Netflix of the regions gathering all its reports. A month after this change of life, the journalist received the cameras of the show 50mn Inside at home on Saturday January 23, 2021.

For this meeting, the one who was elected among the favorite personalities of the French in 2020 was able to count on his companion Nathalie Marquay, who confided in their family life. The latter returned to her desire to leave her daily meeting on the front page. “It was during the first confinement, when he got up around 8:30 am instead of 6 in the morning, he said to me: 'What makes me feel good, what makes me feel good. .. ' As I said to him, 'See, think about your retirement darling!' ", she explained. A decision she strongly encouraged, but which earned her to receive attacks from admirers of her husband.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut confides in the stress of the 1-hour newspaper

"They were angry with me!", she started by launching. "It's because of you that he's leaving! Why? We need him, you can see him at home anyway… ". Charges to which she preferred not to follow up. For its part, JPP explained: "It is vreally stressful a journal … It's a permanent stress. I did it with happiness and passion, but it had to stop at some point, and that was the right moment ". JPP is now taking advantage of its "almost retirement" to spend more time with his family and especially his children who love to make fun of him on the famous Tik-Tok social network in hilarious videos that make the buzz.

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