Jean-Pierre Pernaut: Nathalie Marquay knew for “more than 10 years” that he would not pass his 72 years

On March 2, Jean-Pierre Pernaut left us at the age of 71 after battling lung cancer. However, it was complications in the heart that occurred after several strokes that got the better of the journalist. His wife Nathalie Marquay must since learn to live without him, or rather to “to survive“as she confided in Do not touch My TV.

The ex-Miss France has indeed found the plateau of the show of Cyril Hanouna Tuesday, may 17, 2022, not as a columnist but as a guest. Upset, she confided that she still had a lot of trouble getting used to the idea of ​​the disappearance of her husband. And yet, Nathalie Marquay suspected that this year, she would not celebrate her birthday with him. “They’ll think I’m crazy, but… I knew he wouldn’t make it past 72. I told my best friend, my daughter’s boyfriend… More than ten years ago, I said that I was very scared because I didn’t see Jean-Pierre celebrating his 72nd birthday. It’s not a flash, it’s an inside thing, it’s visceral. It’s as if I had been told: ’72 years, it’s going to be complicated’“, she revealed.

In addition, Nathalie Marquay had sensed that Jean-Pierre Pernaut would end up encountering problems “in the heart and in the head“.”The heart, there were thromboses, and he had massive strokes, so it’s the head. That’s why I always said to Jean-Pierre: ‘Don’t worry, you won’t die of cancer’. But I was never able to tell him of course that I did not see him spending his 72 years. Jwas very scared in January when he started having strokes“, she says today.

Despite the pain and a still impossible mourning, the mother of Lou (19 years old) and Tom (18 years old) is delighted to receive signs from Jean-Pierre Pernaut. A way for him to communicate with his wife and prove to her that he’s not that far off after all.

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