Jean Rochefort, modesty and the “kidding”

The journal review. Imperturbably, the quarterly review Schnock, which celebrates its tenth anniversary, traces its path: by devoting an issue to the actor Jean Rochefort (1930-2017), it concludes a remarkable trilogy started with its first issue devoted, in 2011, to Jean-Pierre Marielle and continued, in 2016, with Philippe Noiret (Schnock n ° 18). These three actors met at the Conservatoire in Paris and remained friends from the end of the 1950s until their death, which occurred in 2006 for Jean Rochefort’s partner, in Let the festivities begin (1975), by Bertrand Tavernier and, in 2019, for his accomplice in The Devil by the Tail (1969), by Philippe de Broca.

Julien Rochefort, eldest son of the actor, says that his father, a homebody, partitioned a lot between his professional and family life, but that the one who visited them regularly was Marielle. As for the relationship he had with Noiret, Jean Rochefort described it after his disappearance: “Since he’s no longer here, I can’t help asking him several times a day: ‘What would you have done in my place’? “.

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De Rochefort, those close to him retain two opposing values: modesty and the “kidding” which guided his choices of filming. Of himself he said: “I am a pastel man, a man of troubled waters, I have no clear color. As much in my way of acting as in my life as an individual. “

The modernity of Jean Rochefort takes shape in this alliance of opposites, he who in his youth was in the theater one of the best performers of the plays of the Nobel Prize for Literature Harold Pinter (1930-2008) and who, at the end of his life , agreed to make videos for The Boloss des Belles Lettres, translating for younger generations the great classics of the literature of The Princess of Cleves at Madame Bovary.

Very depressed and lover of horses

Jean Rochefort was also very depressed in front of the eternal and a passionate lover of horses and riding, which does not simplify the reading grid to identify the personality of this chameleon actor who claimed a taste for “The tamed strangeness”.

From the pen of Benoit Marchisio, the review Schnock also devotes a large retrospective to the series Palace, produced by Jean-Michel Ribes and broadcast for the first time from 1988 on Canal +. In her host of interpreters, she does not understand Jean Rochefort, but Jean Carmet, her friend in The Tall Blond with a black shoe (1972), by Yves Robert. A top 20 of Carmet’s counter news opens with: “I don’t see what the toenails are for at all…”

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