Jeep RX200 Razor: the fake all-terrain electric scooter


Jeep introduced the RX200, an electric scooter meant to be off-road, just like the brand’s vehicles. However, the model turns out to be disappointing when you look at its technical data sheet.

A Jeep electric scooter is something lovers of off-road rides dream of. The automaker has presented a model called RX200 Razor, which uses the “adventurer” aesthetic codes: khaki green paint, wide tires and double headlights at the front. The all-terrain claims of this electric scooter, however, seem to stop at these visual considerations. The name of the machine also leaves little room for doubt since Razor is a manufacturer of scooters which precisely offers a model called RX200, which serves as the basis for that of Jeep.

The American manufacturer simply granted the right to use its brand under license, as Lamborghini was able to do, for example. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see how such an agreement can benefit Jeep’s image. The Razor RX200 electric scooter is far from displaying the level of refinement of the latest Renegade or Compass hybrids. For starters, the electric motor of the RX200 only develops 200 W. It is also a motor that drives the rear wheel by means of a chain and not a motor integrated into a wheel, as on the majority of electric scooters. The machine does not exceed 19 km / h in top speed and, despite what the manufacturer announces, the torque should not be fantastic.

Heavy and not very durable

Even more surprisingly, at a time when the vast majority of electric scooters use lithium batteries, the RX200 chooses lead. Two 12V batteries are installed under the deck, for a capacity of 168 Wh. In addition to significantly weighing down the machine, which displays 18 kg on the scale, these batteries only allow you to drive about 13 km on a single charge. Another disadvantage of this battery technology is its very long charging time. It takes 12 hours to fully recharge the batteries and this, for only 40 minutes of use depending on the brand.

These few data on the engine and the battery of the Jeep RX200 Razor will surely have already overcome the will of any potential buyer. If that’s not enough, the electric scooter has almost no assets that predestine it for off-road use. Admittedly, its wide wheels in 8-inch inflatable tires promise to offer good grip on unpaved terrain. On the other hand, the ground clearance of the scooter seems very low, and no suspension is on the menu. Braking is provided by a disc brake placed on the rear wheel. No mention is made of any waterproofness.

This Jeep RX200 Razor electric scooter is a perfect illustration of the fact that entrusting your brand to just anyone is not always a great idea. Rather dedicated to teenagers (or light adults), this model limits the weight of its pilot to 70 kg. For $499, or around €436 at the current price, this scooter seems like anything but a bargain.

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