Jeff Bridges: So is the cancer-stricken actor


Jeff Bridges
This is how the cancer-stricken actor feels

Jeff Bridges in Beverly Hills

Jeff Bridges at an appearance in Beverly Hills

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Jeff Bridges has reason to be happy. The actor suffering from cancer has now told his fans that his tumor has "shrunk significantly".

Good news from actor Jeff Bridges (71, "The Big Lebowski"). The 71-year-old revealed on his website that his "tumor shrank drastically". He was diagnosed with lymphoma last year and is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Having done a computed tomography scan to see if his treatment made the tumor smaller, he wrote, "That thing shrank drastically. I got home excited about the news." Bridges also stated that the works of the artist Rozzell Sykes help him through this time. He also adopted Rozzell's mantra: "Be love".

Bridges has appeared in over 50 major Hollywood productions, including "Starman", "Iron Man" and "The Big Lebowski" – his role in the film earned him international cult status. In 2010 he won the Oscar for best leading actor for his performance in "Crazy Heart". He was also nominated for a golden boy six times.