Jenna Dewan: Cute video shows her son’s favorite pastime

Jenna Dewan
Sweet shots show your son’s favorite pastime

Jenna Dewan

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Jenna Dewan has a little artist at home! The actress shares sugar-sweet shots of her son Callum, in which he seems to be completely in his element.

Jenna Dewan, 40, has been dating actor Steve Kazee, 45, since April 2018. Their first child together saw the light of day on March 10, 2020 – son Callum. From her previous marriage to Channing Tatum, 41, the actress also has a daughter, Everly, 8. Jenna enjoys her family to the full. Only recently did she speak lovingly of her children and emphasized to “People” how well the interplay between Callum and Everly works despite the age difference.

The American gives her fans a regular insight into her everyday family life via Instagram – like now. She posts a cute video of her little son doing his favorite thing.

Jenna Dewan: Her son melts fan hearts

Some children prefer to play with wooden blocks, while others like to strum toy instruments. But little Callum has a special passion: he is an artist. In the cute video, the one-year-old stands in a black and white striped suit in front of a canvas and happily swings his brush. After the last brushstroke on his already colorful and expressionistic work of art, he lets out a gentle cry of joy.

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“We should all be so proud of ourselves,” writes the mother of two about the recordings. No doubt, little Picasso seems to be satisfied with his painting and shows this with a big grin. With his cheerful charisma and his artistic talent, Callum has painted himself right in the hearts of mom’s fans. Because Jennas Follwer: inside are blown away by the sugar-sweet video and bring their ecstasy with enthusiastic comments like “Simply adorable!”, “Too much cuteness!” or “So cute!” to expression.

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