Jennifer Aniston’s Secret to Adding Volume to Her Hair

Since her role as Rachel Green in the cult series Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been a popular actress for both her acting and her dream figure, golden skin and signature Californian blonde hair. Discover the trick of her hairdresser so that she never has straightened hair.

Beauty icon of a whole generation, Jennifer Aniston is known for her naturalness and beautifully illuminated blonde hair in a balayage that didn’t just contribute to her success as an actress. Her beautiful hair has always been in the spotlight and it has even become one of her beauty features. Remember her voluminous bob cut that was copied so much in the 90s, the famous Rachel-style degraded bob! If for many years, it is rather her luminous Californian blond that we tend to envy her, we could not (either) help but notice that even if she often wears straight hair, hers always show perfect volume at the roots.

A stroke of luck from genetics? Not really according to her lifelong hairdresser Chris McMillan who spoke to the editorial staff of the American edition of Vogue and unveiled the products that sublimate the hair of the beautiful actress who is a pro less is more beauty side.

A beauty secret that comes from a smart product to give volume to fine hair

In addition to regular care to take care of her lengths, pamper her scalp and preserve its color, the star also relies on styling products when it comes to sporting hair that does not lack volume, and to give a beautiful texture to her hair. His hairstylist says in particular sometimes working the material of his hair using an ultra light hairspray that he sprays in his hands – and to which he sometimes mixes a hint of texturizing paste – before distributing it in its lengths to texturize his wicks. Enough to give body to fine hair over the entire length! But it is above all the product he uses to ensure top volume at the roots that really makes the difference and caught our eye (because it is this hair detail that we love so much about the hair). ‘actress): this is Sisley’s Ritual Hair Volume Spray, which he vaporizes at the roots. This styling product which promises “Body & Density” to the hair, relies on the combination of Boswellia gum (a plant), rice bran proteins and a volumizing resin to texturize and coat the hair in order to give them a beautiful immediate and lasting volume. Jennifer Aniston’s secret to straight hair that doesn’t lack volume! Also enriched with pro-vitamin B5 which strengthens the hair fiber and maximizes the shine of the hair, this scented treatment promises to create volume in the roots without ever greasing them thanks to its light formula. A real asset. It is therefore a safe bet that this hair spray can restore fullness to your flat hair!

If you plan to copy this pro tip, know that you must always have a light hand with styling and texturizing products to obtain a natural result.

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