Jennifer Lawrence denies having had cosmetic surgery: “It’s makeup”

After suffering a wave of criticism about her physique, Jennifer Lawrence responds bluntly to those who accuse her of having performed cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer Lawrence suffered a lot of criticism about her physique after her appearance at the Dior fashion show during the last Paris fashion week. “Another victim of botox injections???”, “Such a waste…”, “The total change, expressionless face, a wax statue from the Grévin museum. Cosmetic surgery is impossible to hide and this is ugly”… Internet users had not been kind to the Oscar-winning actress, accusing her to have had cosmetic surgery.

While she had not yet spoken on this subject, the 33-year-old actress took advantage of an interview with Kylie Jenner in Interview Magazine to silence these rumors. The Hunger Games star is adamant she has not had surgery or cosmetic medicine. According to her, this new appearance would be due at her makeup artist’s work.

“It’s amazing what makeup can do”

Jennifer Lawrence explains her facial transformation at work her new makeup artist Hung Vanngo. The latter, who notably does makeup for Emily Ratajkowski and Selena Gomez, is known for creating very natural lip contours and lifting eyelid makeup with a cat eye effect: “It’s amazing what makeup can do, because I work with Hung who overlines the lips, I call him my surgeon. Everyone is convinced I had eye surgery since I started working with him” explains the actress.

The actress also recalls that the transformation of her face is also due to her age: “I started at 19, so I take before and after photos from 19 to 30 and I’m like, I’ve grown up. I have lost baby weight in my face and my face has changed because I am getting older. Everyone thought I had a nose job, and I’m like, I had the exact same nose. My cheeks became smaller. Thank you for reminding me.

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