Jennifer Lopez: She shows how to wear jogging suits in style

Jennifer Lopez
She shows us how to wear jogging suits in style

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Just recently, Jennifer Lopez wowed us with her honeymoon looks. Now the singer is back at home in Los Angeles – also in an outfit that blows our minds. JLo shows us how to wear a tracksuit and still look high fashion.

Who can who can: If we put on a tracksuit or “matching set” consisting of hoodie and sweatpants, then we probably all have to be careful that we don’t look completely “ragged”. Karl Lagerfeld once said about jogging pants that, in his opinion, people who leave the house in them have lost control of their lives.

However, Jennifer Lopez, the queen of cool styles, shows us that this doesn’t have to be the case and that you can also be a real eye-catcher in a jogging suit. The singer looks stylish in her colorful tie-dye two-piece suit. But how does she do it?

Jennifer Lopez in her eye-catching tie-dye two-piece suit.

Jennifer Lopez in her eye-catching tie-dye two-piece suit.

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JLo in a jogging suit: the accessories make the difference

Jennifer Lopez has left nothing to chance. She just knows that the right accessories make a big difference in every outfit. And so this time too. So that her sweatpants outfit doesn’t look like a lazy evening on the sofa, she evaluates it with carefully selected parts.

Big earrings

The big hoop earrings are something of a JLo trademark. So it’s no wonder that they can’t be missing from this outfit either. This gives the sporty outfit something noble. The hoop earrings are so big anyway that you can’t do any sports with them.

Big sunglasses

These goggles scream “I’m a VIP!” – and not someone who just happens to be walking through the park in a jogging suit. In addition, the large statement sunglasses are colour-coordinated with the tracksuit. This makes the overall impression more harmonious and rounded.

Designer handbag

JLo’s handbag also clearly shows that no sport is being done here, but that a purely sporty outfit is becoming a serious everyday outfit. The fact that the bag is high-quality also visually enhances the overall outfit, which is always a good trick anyway – even with classic jeans outfits.

color baby!

Even without the flashy accessories, JLo’s two-piece would catch the eye. After all, the singer has grabbed a part that couldn’t be more colorful. She combines a number of this season’s trends in one outfit: batik, bright colors and a two-piece set. Well done Jen!

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