Jeremstar hospitalized in emergency: “It’s as if we were crushing our lungs and our hearts”

This time, Jeremstar thought he was going to pass. Currently on vacation in Bali with a friend, the Youtuber found himself in the emergency room after nearly drowning during a diving activity with manta rays. Intubated and placed in intensive care at the hospital, Jeremstar revealed his ordeal on Snapchat: “The diving has degenerated…

With tears in his eyes, he says:Our trip ends very badly, I am morally exhausted. I had a huge anxiety attack in the water, I didn’t feel it this dive with the rays and company because here they tell you that there are no sharks but in reality there are , there are bulldog sharks in particular that attack. I was very, very afraid of that. But we had no choice, we had to take the boat to go to another island. In addition the weather was detestable, it was the storm. It worried me to go diving in the open seathe water was not clear, we could not see anything and then it was a very wild spot there were also strong waves…

Trying to stay calm so he can properly explain his story, he continues: “I don’t know what happened, I jumped in the water there were two huge manta rays and it happened all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe anymore and I didn’t want to put on a life jacket because I swim very well. At one point, I had a panic attack, I saw myself sinking, I saw myself panicking, I started hyperventilatingthe boat was not there, the monitor was further away, I screamed, I panicked, it reminded me of all the images of this summer, it was super scary“. As a reminder, Jeremstar narrowly escaped drowning this summer during a stay in the Balearic Islands.

We see each other die

I got back in the boatI was unable to swim, I was a victim of tetany“, says Jeremstar who was then reassured by his friend who finally convinced him not to stay on a failure and to jump back into the water. “So, I dived in another spot with a vest but the same with the snorkel, I couldn’t breathe anymore, I didn’t feel well, plus I hadn’t eaten for two days. After 5 minutes like this I panicked. I couldn’t breathe, a crisis like that, it’s as if we were crushing our lungs and our hearts, we see ourselves die“.

Once on dry land, Jeremstar is exhausted and decides to go to the hospital because he feels bad. He arrives screaming and even begins to convulse. After four hours in the hospital, Jeremstar returned to his hotel but remains deeply shocked by his adventure. Thinking of having a real trauma and having developed a phobia of drowning, the Youtuber said he was in a hurry to return to France.

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