“Jeremy Fragrance – Power Baby!”: Documentary shows the flashy influencer behind the scenes

“Jeremy Fragrance – Power Baby!”
Documentary shows the flashy influencer behind the scenes

Jeremy Fragrance takes a moment to think – for his own documentary.

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Between power performances and unglamorous moments: The documentary series “Jeremy Fragrance – Power Baby!” follows the controversial influencer.

“I am the King of Fragrance. I am horny, I am strong, I am Number One God”. Jeremy Fragrance (34) tends to use superlatives in his presentations – and tautologies: his mantra “Kraft! Power! Strength!” he shouts on the beach, posing shirtless like a Tom Cruise lookalike in “Top Gun” mode.

More samples: “I am Heidi Klum and Thomas Gottschalk, only with even more benefits” and: “I am RTL, Sky and ProSieben in one.” Daniel Schütz, his real name, now has his own show at one of these channels. “Jeremy Fragrance – Power Baby!” starts on October 16th on Sky and Wow.

Miami-Grasse-Grünwald: On the road with Jeremy Fragrance

The eccentric can actually rightly call himself the number one perfume influencer. He is followed by over six million people on TikTok. With a behaviorally suspicious appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother,” he also became known outside the influencer bubble. Although he already runs a successful English-language YouTube channel, the Oldenburg native wants to really get started in the USA, where his brother lives. The camera team follows him.

In the first episode, Jeremy is visited by his Polish-born mother, who largely raised him alone. It’s almost touching how he shows her his villa in Munich-Grünwald and treats her to overnight oathmeal. In later episodes we also get to know the grandma from Krakow. We also see Jeremy Fragrance looking very unglamorous in the laundromat.

Nobody masters the “attention game” on the Internet like him

Beyond the flashy image, the “perfume influencer” appears thoughtful in front of the camera, not at all unsympathetic – and above all, tired. He rushes from one appointment to the next, always amazed at his success and the money he gets for a bit of speaking. He earns 40,000 euros (“plus VAT”!) per social media post.

“The Attention Game Wins” is the title of his lecture at an online marketing trade fair in Hamburg, to which the cameras accompany him. Jeremy Fragrance comes onto the stage in a moonwalk and shouts his mantra into the audience, like the speaker guru played by Tom Cruise in “Magnolia” (1999).

The “perfume influencer” has definitely understood the game for attention. If you want to be successful on the Internet, you have to “flight forward,” he argues. His crazy videos and appearances, in which he seems like he’s on coke (but he says he doesn’t take any drugs), are probably calculated. When you visit the French perfume capital of Grasse, you can also feel his childlike enthusiasm and real expertise in fragrances.

Between “No.1 God” and “Mini-Star”

In his private life, he constantly fluctuates between his oversized stage self and the moderately self-deprecating normal guy who knows that he is only a “mini-star in his industry” but who is proud of his craft.

In the further episodes, as the beginning of the opening episode promises, Jeremy Fragrance will be looking for a partner, among other things. He has been solo for ten years, even though he could “fuck five girls” every day, as he claimed during a bizarre appearance in Hamburg. But for ethical reasons he doesn’t want to abuse a woman for a quick kick.

Overall, “Jeremy Fragrance – Power Baby!” an interesting insight, not only into the life of its dazzling star, but also into an industry that thrives on “begging for attention” (Fragrance quote). And which the “Number One God” embodies in his conscious exaggeration almost satirically like no other.


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