jerks .: New double episode comes already for Christmas

Fans of "jerks." can look forward to supplies from Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim. There is a new double episode for Christmas.

Christian Ulmen (45) and Fahri Yardim (40) will return to TV screens on December 23. Just in time for Christmas there is a brand new double episode "jerks" on Joyn Plus +. to see. The entire fourth season will be broadcast in summer 2021 after the premiere on Joyn on free TV on ProSieben. In addition to Ulmen and Yardim, the two actresses Pheline Roggan (39) and Emily Cox (35) are still part of the main cast.

Warning, spoilers!

The new double episode starts where the third season ended: the swap of the four friends and the resulting episodes. Fahri and Pheline are also expecting offspring, which raises questions about their future sex lives. Fahri's fatherhood doesn't seem certain either.