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Jérôme Anthony ("Everyone in the kitchen"): 5 things to know about the host: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

This is the new culinary event not to be missed. Every evening, since the start of confinement promulgated by the French government, Cyril Lignac has offered viewers to cook alongside him, live on M6, in the company of a remote clerk linked by a webcam: Jérôme Anthony. The former presenter of the after of France has an unbelievable talent had already bet on his leadership talents in The Best Pastry Chef last year … but obviously, this experience has not really paid off. The opportunity to remind us that Jérôme Anthony's real passion is television. Unless the presenter has more than one trick up his sleeve …

1. A singing career stopped dead

If the host has spent the last 25 years on the small screen, his first loves are actually on the side of the song. Before making his debut on television in 1996, Jérôme Anthony had the ambition to become a singer of French variety. In 1993, the young man then aged 25 participated in the talent competition of Sacred evening, presented by Jean-Pierre Foucault. A remarkable experience since he will become the candidate most rewarded by the public in the history of the show, with 10 consecutive weeks of participation. Following the show, he will release the title Someone somewhere written by Didier Barbelivien in person. "I chose not to insist. I knew what I was doing was already tacky back then", he had confided to TV 2 weeks.

2. The father of two children

"It was a big leap into the unknown … fatherhood totally changed me", he told the site My Family Zen. However, Jérôme Anthony never felt the visceral need to become a parent. Anxious by nature, the host who became a father at the age of 28, thought he could not take care of a newborn … wrongly. He even became a spoiled dad: "In the end, I discovered a paternal fiber that I did not know. And I invest myself much more in their life than my parents did with me, even though I was an only child", he explained in the same interview. However, the father puts a fist of honor so that his two sons have a decent future: "We had a rather muscular discussion the day my son told me that he wanted to trade and reality TV. I took him aside to explain to him how things were really going on in this universe -the."

3. Marked by painful separation

While his two sons are still young, Jérôme Anthony separates from the mother of his children. A painful separation that marked the animator with a hot iron, terrorized at the idea of ​​being abandoned: "I hate the moment when we leave and the period when I separated from their mother was devastating enough for me. But I believe that rather than being cured of this fear, my boys treated my hypochondria. I was perpetually in the anguish of the disease ", he confided to My Zen Family in 2014. Today, no one can say if the heart of Jérôme Anthony is taken, however … the host had swung in 2013 that he would gladly have participated in Seduce me if you can, if he weren't "not single". Mystery.

4. Jérôme Anthony … future columnist in TPMP?

After 25 years of career on the small screen including fifteen years spent on M6, Jérôme Anthony would he like to get some fresh air? Asked about it by our colleagues from TV mag on Youtube, the TV host did not deny the rumor: "Why not. In any case, each time I went there, I had fun making the columnist (…) But I also realize that it is really not easy to react and d "argue so quickly … because with Cyril, it has to go fast. I don't know if I would be able to do it", he had confided in March 2018. Asked about this same subject a few months later by West France, the facilitator had left the door half open: "I preferred to stay … but you never know: things can change."

5. Her biggest regret about M6

Despite some thirty animated shows on M6, Jérôme Anthony has never had the privilege of presenting a successful prime time as New Star, Top Chef or Amazing talent. A feeling of injustice that the 51-year-old presenter had mentioned in the columns of Ouest France: "I don't always see it well … sometimes I watch the trains go by, it's not easy but I'm not the first entertainer to do that. People don't think about me often enough, for my taste. " In April 2019, when Telestar slips into his ear that he is "underused by M6", his answer is final: "I'm not telling you …"

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