Jérôme Seydoux: “French cinema lacks courage and ambition”

IHe arrives smiling, a slender figure with gray eyes, wearing Roger Federer’s blue sneakers given to him by his grandchildren. In front of the 2019 Caesar of Key 3, that he produced, he has fun: “The public Caesar, which rewarded the most viewed film in theaters, has disappeared. Like what, we are really a special country. » Pragmatic, lucid and endowed with a certain taste for risk, Jérôme Seydoux, 87, president of the Pathé group (130 multiplexes and around 1,300 screens in Europe) and successful producer (Welcome to the Ch’tis, The song of the wolf, Notre Dame is burning), is a voice that counts in the world of cinema. If the rooms, long closed, have suffered the full brunt of the Covid pandemic, he remains optimistic about the future of the sector. Provided that French cinema…


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