Jessica Alba: She almost stepped on a rattlesnake

Jessica Alba just wanted to pose for a photo. But that almost became her undoing: she almost stepped on a snake.

Jessica Alba (39, "Fantastic Four") had an eerie encounter with animals. The actress posted a video on Instagram in which she poses with a mask in front of a statue in a garden. When she wants to take off the mouth and nose mask for a photo, she looks down and only a few meters away sees something between the leaves: a rattlesnake.

After a short scream and an "Oh crap", Jessica Alba runs away. Fortunately, the line stayed in place, and the actress was able to leave unscathed. "There's a rattlesnake right there," says the man behind the camera, while another woman in the background yells: "Oh crap, it's a rattlesnake, get out of here!"

In addition to the video, Alba posted a photo in which the rattlesnake can be seen in all its glory. "If you unknowingly walk across a five-foot-long flap line," the actress commented. Some stars are also shocked by the dangerous situation: "A huge! Woah," wrote actor Orlando Bloom (43). Sofia Vergara (48) commented on the whole thing with scared-looking smileys.