Jessica Alba: Wasn't allowed to look "Beverly Hills, 90210" stars in the eye

"Beverly Hills, 90210" was the hit series of the 90s. That apparently went to the head of the stars, as Jessica Alba now revealed.

Before her breakthrough with the series "Dark Angel", Jessica Alba (39) appeared in 1998 in two episodes of the hit series "Beverly Hills, 90210". Now the actress revealed that she hadn't felt welcome there. The 39-year-old spoke on the YouTube show "Hot Ones" about her role as a pregnant teenager Leanne at the time, claiming that she was not allowed to look the main cast in the eyes while on set.

"I couldn't even make eye contact with any of the cast, which was really weird when you tried to do a scene with them," Alba explained. "They said, 'You can't make eye contact with any of the cast or you will be kicked off the set," she added.

Other stars made brief appearances

Alba starred in the eighth season of the series, the main cast included Jason Priestley (51, Brendan Walsh), Jennie Garth (48, Kelly Taylor), Ian Ziering (56, Steve Sanders), Brian Austin Green (47, David Silver) , Tori Spelling (47, Donna Martin), Tiffani Thiessen (46, Valerie Malone), Joe E. Tata (84, Nat Bussichio) and Vincent Young (55, Noah Hunter). In addition to Alba, actresses like Hilary Swank (46) and Eva Longoria (45) were among the stars who had small appearances in "Beverly Hills, 90210".