Jessica Paszka: She gets back to her fans after the birth

Jessica Paszka
She gets back to her fans after the birth

Jessica Paszka is, according to her own statements, a “thoroughbred mom”.

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Influencer Jessica Paszka reported back to the fans after the birth and gave an update on her motherhood so far.

Influencer and ex- “Bachelorette” Jessica Paszka (31) reported back on Instagram after the birth of her daughter. “I let myself go really well. I know the puerperium is longer, but I’m already fit again. Well, not 100 percent, but in a very good mood,” she tells the followers in several Instagram stories. Since the fans have shown so much support and understanding in the past few weeks, she has returned a little earlier than planned. Paszka has already returned the day before with an old baby bump photo announced.

Your daughter Hailey-Su is healthy and that is the most important thing for her, continues Paszka. In any case, she feels like a thoroughbred mom and now understands all mothers – “It really is the most beautiful feeling on earth.” The little ones’ father is Johannes Haller (33).

Paszka and Haller met in 2017 on the RTL dating show “Die Bachelorette”. At that time, however, Paszka did not give Haller the last rose, but David Friedrich (31). The two only became a couple two years later, and in early October 2020 they made their relationship public. Paszka announced her pregnancy in mid-December. A few weeks later, she also posted her engagement ring. On May 6, the two announced the birth of their daughter.