Jessica Paszka: Your baby should be born in early May

Jessica Paszka
Your baby is due to be born in early May

Jessica Paszka is pregnant.

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Jessica Paszka is pregnant. She reveals that she has already gained so much weight, when the baby should be born and whether it is a desired child.

Jessica Paszka (30) and Johannes Haller (32) will be parents for the first time next year. The couple made the pregnancy public in mid-December, since then they have been reluctant to give further details. That should change now. On Instagram, the mother-to-be answered a few questions that she had previously received from her 720,000 subscribers. Haller, whom Paszka got to know through the TV format "Die Bachelorette", was also available to answer questions from the followers.

He explained, for example: "We definitely planned that we would have children. We two would not have thought that we would be given them so early now." How did he find out about the pregnancy? It was not a surprise staged by Paszka. "On the last evening before Jessica returned to Germany, before we went to eat, she made a very noticeable gesture. As if she suddenly wanted to protect her stomach," said Haller. The 30-year-old then took two pregnancy tests – both positive.

The gender remains secret for the time being

Paszka is now in the 20th week of pregnancy and has already gained eleven kilograms. "I will most likely have my baby in early May," she told her followers. The former "Bachelorette" would like to have a natural birth, on Ibiza, where Haller emigrated this spring. And the gender? The parents-to-be keep that to themselves for the time being. Not even their families would know about it yet.