Jessica Simpson: singer shocked with previous drug stories


It takes a lot of courage to deal with the darkest hours of your life. And more to write about in a book. Singer Jessica Simpson (39) demonstrates this courage with her memoir "Open Book", which will be released on February 4th. In it, the mother of three confesses, among other things, that her alcohol and drug abuse almost took her life.

In an excerpt from the US magazine "People", the 39-year-old describes how she hit rock bottom in 2017 – after a Halloween party at home. Thereupon Simpson made a withdrawal and since then she has not touched a drink. "It was not difficult for me to give up alcohol," she writes. "I was angry with him and how deaf and compliant he had made me."


Childhood sexual abuse

Simpson attributes the cause of her problems to a traumatic childhood experience. At the age of six, she was sexually abused, the 39-year-old writes in her book. At that time, she shared a bed with the daughter of a friend of her parents. "It started with a tickle on the back and developed into something very uncomfortable." Years later she told her parents about it on a trip, but the family never really talked about it. "My father stared at the street and said nothing," said the singer.

By telling her story, Simpson hopes to help other people. "It has been a long, highly emotional journey for me, but it has brought me to my happiness and fulfillment and made it possible for me to accept myself."