Jessica Simpson: Spicy Revelations About Ex John Mayer


Jessica Simpson, 39, publishes her biography "Open Book" on February 4th, detailing details from her eventful life.

Jessica Simpson: Shocking Revelations in Biography "Open Book"

What is particularly shocking is the fact that the singer ("With You") writes about being sexually abused at the age of six. She also described being addicted to alcohol and pills. The American "People" magazine has already published excerpts from the work, which also addresses the artist's former love affairs. Ex John Mayer, 42, is doing the same.


Revelations about John Mayer

Jessica Simpson met the cuddly singer ("Your Body is a Wonderland") in 2005 after she separated from her then husband Nick Lachey, 46. Jessica and John met at a Grammy party hosted by superstar producer Clive Davis, 87. The two musicians quickly entered into a relationship and apparently felt magically attracted to each other. "He wanted me completely or not at all," she described the intimate relationship.

Jessica Simpson: "I was constantly afraid of not being clever enough"

Jessica Simpson explains that John Mayer was "sexually and emotionally obsessed" with her. The physical chemistry and attraction between the two stars was perfect, but the relationship was far from ideal. So the musician often felt insecure. "I was constantly afraid that I wasn't smart enough for him. He is so smart and having a conversation with him was like a friendly competition that he always had to win." This made Jessica so nervous that she soothed her nerves with alcohol. Your way out of uncertainty. The toxic relationship, as we all know, didn't go well for very long and the couple broke up in 2007.

Nevertheless, she told journalist Hoda Kotb: "I went back to him nine times." Only then was the then singer ready to finally draw the line. An interview with her then-on-off friend obviously helped her.

John Mayer: she was "sexual napalm"

Back in a "Playboy" interview, John Mayer described his girlfriend as a "sexual napalm" (in German, for example: he was sexually obsessed with her), which made his partner extremely ashamed. "I was speechless and it was so uncomfortable that my grandmother will read it," she writes in her book. John Mayer made it easy for the singer to separate from him and delete his number.

Jessica Simpson: Happy with Eric Johnson

Today Jessica Simpson is happily married to former professional football player Eric Johnson, 40, and is raising three children, Birdie Mae, ten months, Ace Knute, six, and Maxwell Drew, seven.

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