Jewelry must-haves: Every woman needs that


Jewelry can be super expensive or super cheap, super eye-catching or reserved. Either way: In the sea of ​​offers we sometimes lack an overview of which parts are really timeless, classic and all-rounders. That's why we asked Helena Milchrahm, jewelry designer and founder of the newcomer jewelry label BRUNA The Label. She designs real jewelry (which even Victoria's Secret models like Candice Swanepoel, Kelly Gale and Jasmine Tookes wear) and always looks closely at trends, quality and Co.

1. Simple rings

No surprise, but many of us still don't have simple rings at home. And by that we don't mean fashion jewelry for five euros, but valuable rings that you never want to take off again. Helena says:


One to. everyone should have two beautiful simple rings. A simple gold ring can do that – maybe with a stone or something more delicate. You can coolly combine them with elegant evening outfits, but also wear them every day. I would even go one step further and say that everyone needs a statement ring. For example, this can be a signet ring in all colors – black signet rings are particularly hot.

You can also combine the different rings with each other. Signet rings are a great match for delicate models. But of course this is not a must – ultimately what counts is what you like.

2. Simple chain

We should not only rely on minimalism for the rings. As far as the chain selection is concerned, it can also be a bit simpler:

Everyone needs a minimalist, simple chain that you can wear day and night. It is simply a small eye-catcher on the neck and makes a nice cleavage. You don't need anything else – no followers, nothing at all! A minimalist chain looks soooo cool if you have the right chain.

Even these filigree chains – whether tight choker or a slightly longer chain – can be perfectly combined with each other or worn alone. No matter whether gold or silver – they just always work.

3rd statement

And where there are minimalist designs, we often come across statement pieces. Of course, these should not be missing from our collection either. According to Helena, we should have at least one striking part:

Definitely a statement chain – for example with a coin. Coins are still very popular – the demand is simply huge. You can combine them with the simple chains.

4. Pearl Piece

If you prefer to be playful and tender, you can use pearl jewelry. And no, we don't mean the pearls that our grandma still has lying around in the bedside drawer.

There should be something with pearls in every jewelry collection. It either looks great in the evening and looks great in summer. Delicate pearls are a must-have for me.

At BRUNA The Label, for example, Helena relies on freshwater pearls that are handpicked. No two are the same – and that is what makes the pearl jewelry so special in the end. Perfectly imperfect!

5. Hoops, hoops, hoops

We all had them at home and whoever had sorted them out will have bought them again long ago: hoops – small rings. A must-have that we should all own:

Of course everyone needs earrings – hoops and huggies. These are the most popular products with us. Especially hoops with a vintage 90s look. They really spice up every outfit. I would recommend a mixture of simple hoops combined with small huggies – it's mega and universally portable.

Hoops are slightly larger rings that are not so close to the ear, while huggies hug the earlobe (hug = hug). So they are relatively close to the ear. If you have several ear holes, you can combine the two – or wear them alone. Both look mega. And by the way: You can mix silver and gold wildly here. According to Helena, this is definitely allowed and wanted.