Jill Biden: That's what she says in her first statement as first lady

Jill Biden
That's what she says in her first statement as first lady

Jill Biden addresses herself as a first lady to the American people

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Jill Biden, the new US First Lady, speaks in her first public statement of the "beginning of a brilliant new chapter".

Jill Biden (69) made her first statement as the US First Lady published on Twitter. In her address, she said: "Every four years here in Washington, DC, we celebrate the beginning of a presidential term. This is the beginning of a brilliant new chapter for our country. A time for all of us to come together as one America with one government come together that serves us all. "

She thanks for the inauguration ceremony

In her first address, Jill Biden especially thanked everyone who took part in the organization and process of the inauguration on Wednesday in front of and behind the scenes. "We saw this hope and optimism at our inauguration ceremony. It was a success for thousands of people who have worked together to create something incredible. Especially in this extraordinarily difficult year," she said. She also thanked the townspeople, "who made us feel so welcome."

The new first lady and the US president

Jill and then Senator Joe Biden (78) met in 1975 at one of his brothers arranged blind dates. Three years earlier, the politician had lost his first wife Neilia Hunter (1942-1972) and their one-year-old daughter Naomi in a serious car accident. Jill Biden's first marriage to former college football player Bill Stevenson had lasted four years from 1970. Jill and Joe Biden married in June 1977 after he proposed to her five times, as she told Vogue. Daughter Ashley (39) saw the light of day four years later.

After the birth of their daughter, Jill Biden took a career break to look after her and her two step-sons Hunter (50) and Beau (1969-2015). However, the passionate teacher never gave up her academic career, in the following years she obtained two master's degrees. She also resumed her work at school, teaching history to mentally ill children, among other things. In 2007, at age 55, Biden received a PhD from the University of Delaware.

Professor, founder of the foundation, author of children's books

After her husband became Vice President Barack Obama (59) in 2009, Jill Biden's life also changed. Nevertheless, in addition to her role as a second lady, she continued to teach as a professor at a community college. She also founded a foundation for breast cancer awareness, Biden Breast Health – just one facet of her diverse social commitment, especially in the field of education. In 2020 Biden was also among the children's book authors, the work "Joey: The Story of Joe Biden" is about the youth of her husband Joe.