JL Tomy is back on Twitch

While JL Tomy was desperate to be able to stream again on Twitch as the days passed without anything changing, the streamer has just announced that his channel was no longer banned.

To everyone’s surprise, last December JL Tomy got banned from Twitch. While his community was lost in conjecture as to the reasons for this sanction, the streamer took the floor to explain the reasons for this indefinite ban, while expressing his regrets about “the turn taken by the live”.

“I showed a lack of professionalism and I fully assume the consequences”, he said. “I’m going to focus on the projects I have in the works while hoping to be able to find you on Twitch one day.”

Not knowing when he could resume his streams, or even if he ever could, from then on JL Tomy made a habit of regularly sharing videos on social networks to keep his fans informed of the situation. .

In each of his videos, the streamer could be seen waiting for time to pass, or looking for other hobbies while waiting for the sanction to be lifted.

As everyone began to lose hope, the good news finally fell on the night of January 14 to 15, 2022.

JL Tomy announces his return to Twitch

Neither one nor two, the streamer announced the good news to his fans by sharing the very last video of his journey, that of the 31st day of ban.

His video quickly went viral, counting in just a few hours more than 314,000 views and more than 26,000 likes.

As good news never comes alone, a few minutes later, the streamer warned his community that he was going to stream the same evening, from 9 p.m.

After almost 1 month of absence, there is no doubt that this very first stream of the year 2022 from JL Tomy will have many viewers. This return with great fanfare will perhaps allow him to start this new year by reaching the million followers on his channel.

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