Joan Collins: Because she wasn't wearing a face mask, she wasn't allowed to go to Ikea

Joan Collins will certainly not forget this visit to Ikea anytime soon. Your shopping trip ended suddenly.

Corona does not give a celebrity bonus. British actress Joan Collins (87) also felt this during a visit to Ikea during her vacation in France. The "Denver Clan" star was traveling without the prescribed face mask. A security officer was very strict, quotes the British magazine "The Spectator" Collins. While she was about to choose between types of salmon, the "gendarme" stormed up to her and reprimanded her loudly and gesticulating.

The actress, who is currently spending vacation days with family and friends in St. Tropez, wore a transparent plastic visor, which does not meet the stricter requirements of the French authorities.

Not enough air to breathe

The 87-year-old complained that she did not get enough air to breathe under the face masks and therefore wore the visor. Trying to use a clear face mask would have made it easier for her to breathe and speak, but it would have distorted her jaw.

Despite the circumstances, Collins enjoys spending time on the Côte d'Azur with her husband Percy and their youngest daughter. During the Corona lockdown, she should have spent three months in her apartment in London-Knightsbridge. About the start of the vacation, she said: "I felt like I was escaping from a prison!"